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What is Star Tron® and How Does It Work?
Star Tron® is a revolutionary multifunctional fuel treatment based on naturally-occurring enzymes. While this is a unique application of enzyme technology, we encounter various enzymes in our everyday lives. For example, enzymes in laundry detergents break down dirt and stains so that they may be easily washed away, even in cold water. Enzymes in the human digestive system break down food into components that are easily used by the body to produce energy. Functioning as biocatalysts, enzymes increase and control the rate of chemical reactions. Star Tron® uses highly specialized enzymes to modify how gasoline and diesel fuel burns, resulting in more complete and uniform combustion with reduced engine emissions. This same enzyme package breaks down fuel sludge and allows water to be dispersed throughout the fuel as sub-micron sized droplets that can be eliminated as the engine operates while also cleaning the entire fuel delivery system. Contaminants are either safely burned off or filtered out, and fuel chemistry is stabilized for long-term storage.

Star Tron® is not affected by and does not affect any fuel treatment that may already be in use. There is no possibility of any negative chemical interaction. Because Star Tron® is pure fuel, it cannot be over-dosed. It is formulated for use in all 2 and 4-cycle gasoline engines and in all diesel engines.

Increasing Power, Improving Fuel Economy and Reducing Emissions All engines - whether new or old, powering boats, cars, trucks, lawn mowers, motorcycles, RVs or anything else - are not always operating at peak efficiency and thus not burning the entire fuel charge. Two examples are when an engine is idling or under extreme load such as a vehicle towing a trailer or a boat accelerating to planing speed. Incomplete combustion wastes fuel, but it also causes a buildup of harmful carbon deposits that further reduce engine efficiency, resulting in harmful emissions. By breaking apart large clusters of fuel molecules to create more surface area, additional oxygen can react during the fuel combustion phase, resulting in a more complete burn of the fuel charge, improved fuel economy, engine power, throttle response and reduced toxic emissions. Star Tron removes carbon deposits, keeping engines clean and operating at peak performance.

Star Tron®’s unique enzyme formula has been tested in laboratories around the world. In tests conducted by a marine engineering school, a Detroit Diesel engine powered by Star Tron®-treated fuel demonstrated significant gains in power and fuel economy. In an extensive gasoline engine test at a Pennsylvania school of technology, deadly carbon monoxide was reduced an average of 80%, with some engines showing reductions of carbon monoxide and toxic hydrocarbons of up to 90%. Diesel soot is now classified as a carcinogen and a toxic air contaminant. Star Tron®-treated diesel fuel can reduce soot dramatically; an Ohio State air pollution test demonstrated an 80% reduction in visible soot within 24 hours.

Cleaning Injectors, The Fuel Delivery System And Combustion Chambers Of Carbon Deposits When more of the fuel charge is burned there is a dramatic drop in the formation of performance-robbing carbon deposits. After several hours of high-throttle operation, Star Tron® treated fuel begins to soften combustion chamber carbon deposits; the concussive force of the engine will then start to erode away these carbon deposits from piston crowns and exhaust valves. A power plant in Alaska using Star Tron®-treated fuel recorded the removal of 1 to 2 millimeters of hardened carbon deposits in a Wartsila 2.2-megawatt diesel engine within just three weeks of operation. Best of all, Star Tron® does not contain any harmful chemical strippers or solvents found in some chemical additives that could contaminate your engine’s oil or break off large pieces of carbon that might stick in a compression ring. The enzymes in Star Tron® are naturally powerful surface-active agents, removing deposits from the fuel tank, fuel lines, injectors, valves, pistons and spark plugs. Once Star Tron® removes the carbon deposits and prevents future deposits from forming, knocking and pinging (pre-detonation) are eliminated. Engines develop full power while running smoother and quieter. An added benefit of a deposit-free combustion chamber is that fuel burns at a properly controlled rate, helping to greatly boost fuel economy. Star Tron® accomplishes these cleaning tasks quickly and at one of the lowest costs per gallon of any fuel additive on the market.

Microbial Growth In Diesel Fuel When diesel fuel sits in a tank with excessive air space, the daily temperature changes produce condensation (water formation) on tank walls. This water falls into the fuel where it sinks to the bottom, providing a breeding ground for the bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi known as “diesel algae.” These ever-present spores thrive in warmer climates, living in the water layer and feeding on the hydrocarbon fuel. If left untreated, these can form large colonies that can ruin fuel, causing massive clogs in fuel filters, fuel lines, and can damage fuel injectors.

The most common treatment for this problem up until now has been the use of a biocide to kill existing growth and prevent a future infestation. However, the use of a biocide can cause other problems. Once the growth is killed, the resulting biomass settles to the tank bottom where it decays, forming organic acids. The acids then deteriorate the fuel and cause corrosion of the tank walls, injectors and fuel delivery system. Additionally, biocides can be harmful to all those who handle them or come in contact with treated fuel and they can cause environmental damage if spilled.

Star Tron®’s enzyme formula reduces interfacial surface tension between fuel and water. The molecular cluster size is greatly reduced, allowing more water to be dispersed throughout the fuel. These sub-micron sized droplets are safely eliminated as the engine operates. Star Tron® keeps your fuel tank clean and allows the fuel filtration system to function more efficiently, protecting your engine. Star Tron® does not contain any corrosive chemical cleaners that could damage fuel systems or engines.

Stabilizing Fuel Chemistry Diesel fuel and gasoline are not formulated to be stored for more than 90 days. After this period of time they begin to oxidize, forming sludge, varnish, gum and other harmful deposits. The ability of the fuel to burn properly is diminished as its chemical components start to break down. Star Tron® uses its enzyme technology to maintain fuel quality and slow the deterioration of fuel components. Gasoline or Diesel fuel treated with Star Tron® has a shelf life in excess of two years.

Once hydrocarbon fuels deteriorate, the process of cleaning and rejuvenating them is extremely expensive. Enzymes contained in Star Tron® can in fact “repair” old and fouled diesel fuel and eliminate sludge, varnish and water. The performance of old or otherwise sub-standard gasoline may also be greatly enhanced through improved combustion characteristics and the removal of gums and varnish. Star Tron can improve octane in old, sub-standard or non-spec gasoline. Preventing gum and varnish buildup is critical for good gasoline performance. This is especially important in E-10 fuel, where the introduction of ethanol into the fuel delivery system may cause old gums and varnish to break off tank walls and contaminate the fuel. Star Tron® can dissolve gum and varnish back into E-10 gasoline.

Treating Water In Fuel As mentioned before, water can end up in your gas or diesel as a result of condensation in the tank. Excessive water in fuel causes wear on moving parts in fuel pumps and can damage fuel injectors. Additionally, water supports the growth of fungi, mold and yeast in fuel. Dead biomass accumulates on the tank bottom with the water and decays into mildly acidic solutions. This clogs filters and causes poor engine performance. Star Tron®’s naturally-occurring enzymes reduce interfacial surface tension between fuel and water. The molecular cluster size is greatly reduced, allowing more water to be dispersed throughout the fuel. These sub-micron sized droplets are safely eliminated as the engine operates. With routine use of Star Tron®-treated fuel, water is eliminated from the fuel tank, preventing corrosion. Laboratory studies show that Star Tron® can reduce the amount of water in petroleum-based fuels without using alcohol or emulsifiers which can harm rubber fuel lines and engine components and can take fuel out of ASTM specifications.

E-10 Ethanol-Enhanced Gasoline Ethanol-enhanced gas, referred to as E-10, is now available in most markets. Ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, is a high-octane fuel additive. Compared to 100% gasoline, E-10 provides less power and causes a decrease in fuel efficiency. This is because ethanol produces less energy than gasoline; it simply cannot deliver the same performance of 100% gasoline. This also explains why a decrease in fuel economy is not uncommon when switching to E-10 fuel. However, Star Tron® solves both issues. The enzymes allow for a more complete burn of the fuel – both the gas and the ethanol - resulting in maximum performance. A more complete burn of the fuel also means less wasted fuel either in the form of carbon deposits or emissions, so fuel efficiency is also maximized.

In addition to a loss of power and economy, E-10 can cause other problems. Ethanol is hygroscopic, meaning that it will attract water from the air, which is absorbed into the gas. The water bonds to the ethanol, becoming heavier than gas and the mixture sinks, lowering the octane level and causing performance problems. This is Phase Separation. Cold temperatures will accelerate this separation. Ethanol is also a potent solvent that will loosen old gum and varnish deposits, which can darken the fuel and foul filters and fuel injectors with large particles. The mixture of ethanol, water and particles can form a gelatinous sludge layer on the tank bottom that can block filters and damage your engine. During operation, Star Tron’s® powerful enzymes allow water to be dispersed throughout the fuel as sub-micron sized droplets that are safely eliminated as the engine operates. They also slowly break down the sludge, cleaning out your fuel tank while restoring the gas’ combustion characteristics to insure proper and safe engine operation.

Important Notes During the initial treatment, sludge and other deposits that are dispersed may cause plugging or loading of fuel filters. Check fuel filters at the first sign of diminished performance and carry extra filters for convenient replacement. Once your system is clean, your filters will last longer and smoke and soot will be drastically reduced.

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